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Uplifting Employer Brand by enhancing Candidate & Employee Experience, and delivering Happiness.



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Source & Attract

Engage with potential candidates, when they want, on platforms they know and trust. Our mobile-friendly platforms are available on all devices, with no app install or candidate sign-up required. This easy-to-use approach delivers greater accessibility and high convenience for candidates, combined with significantly increased conversion for recruiters.

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Match & Recruit

Once your job posting is uploaded, you immediately receive feedback on the clarity of the information in your posting and if you attract your relevant candidates. You can make improvements to your posting anytime. The finished job-profile finds matching candidates on the web or within your existing candidate pool. You see reports constantly.

Manage & Retain

Give successful candidates a head start through smart on-boarding or re-boarding platform and continue to guide them in preparations for their first day. Provide new hires helpful information and collect feedbacks constantly. Continue providing to your employees an enjoyable experience during their crucial first months, increasing the chances of creating great contributors and keepers.

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Specialized Direct-Search

Talent#1 Team specializes in Sales, eCommerce and Logistics recruitment - using advanced technology and contacts to identify right talents.  We help employers across Czech Republic to reach the best talent faster and better. Rich hands-on experiences in those three sectors are enabling us to make the best match for our clients’ needs.


Smart Solutions

Time to connect and engage.

Searching is becoming obsolete.​

More and more often now, the job search starts on a smartphone. To eliminate having to switch to different devices, our systems are highly user-friendly and increasingly use chat and voice.

Recruiters benefit from significant time and cost savings - online search and filtering through CVs is no longer necessary. Recruiters can spend more time connecting and engaging with relevant candidates.

Talent#1 smart applications can be easily integrated into any system.


The hassle-free way to apply. 

Red carpet for candidates.

For job postings with the easyApply button, candidates can apply easily via a chatbot conversation or/and with a CV upload. No application forms needed. Recruiter receives the application along with the match report that is created automatically.

All the needed information in one place - skills, competencies, possible gaps, and the best interview questions. Enabling you to dive into professional interviews with candidates right away.

Automated Matching.

Pre-Selection of relevant Candidates.

With our cloud-based intelligent recruiting platform we provide autonomous profile creation and digitalized matching and pre-selection of relevant candidates. The most innovative way to connect candidates and employers, satisfying everyone involved - candidates and employers.

Our AI-based technology aligns constructed applicant data with job requirements. Suitable matchings are transparently issued along with a match report.

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Qualifying candidates.

Deploy a built-in Talent acquisition Chatbot.

Improve your brand with differentiated candidate experience and deploy a built-in chatbot that does not require any complicated implementation. Answer questions and gather candidate information in the conversational way that many candidates prefer.

This chatbot will help to qualify candidates, collect resumes and responses regarding experiences, skills, job fit, benefits. Engage the candidates and help them to complete the process of applying.

Continue to engage.

Provide a head start with pre-boarding, on-boarding.

Our automation tools will engage with successful candidates in preparation for their first day.  Provide new hires with helpful information and constantly gather feedback about experiences in their new role.

This approach provides an enjoyable experience for the candidate and new employee, providing extra support in their early days, increasing the chances of success.

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