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In order to deliver such a quality service, we aim to personally meet with each of our Sales, eCommerce and Logistics candidates for several times and during different occasions. This gives us a unique insight into the person’s character and motivations and helps ensure that any prospective employee who might join your company has the ability to perform well, to fit and grow with your company.

Understanding The Market

We understand that the Sales, Business Development, eCommerce and Logistics market is often „short of quality candidates“ but thanks to our knowledgeable consultants and expertise, we are able to fill vacancies at all levels with highly performing, experienced, passionate and intelligent people. 

In order to deliver the required talent needed to fulfill your business growth visions, we are using four-step sales recruiting methods.

This process is proven to get you the top available in the market talent:

Step 1: Determine Corporate Objectives

Our process starts with understanding your corporate and go-to-market strategies, business models and culture, to ensure our recruitment strategy is aligned with your corporate goals.

Step 2: Profile the Ideal Candidates

We profile your ideal candidates with a thorough definition of the skills, experience, history, and DNA necessary to be successful in the role.

Step 3: Targeted Headhunting

Our targeted direct search methodology finds hidden talent who have delivered high-quality performance during the last three to ten consecutive years.

Step 4: Scientific Assessment

Every candidate is rigorously tested, leveraging a unique mix of advanced tools, including track record verification, behavior-based interviews, and in many cases also psychometric profiling and benchmarking.


RPO Projects


Our Aspretum Team is set to design and execute a highly customized talent acquisition and recruitment process that delivers exceptional business results.

We always work as one with your internal team in transforming the existing approach to getting the right talent you need when you need it.

Our RPO is not for quick fixes or one-off hires. We go all-in with you, embedding our talent experts within your organization, living your values while protecting and promoting your employer brand.

Working with us, you will get high-quality candidates at the speed and scale you need them.

These recruiting solutions fall into three different types of possible partnerships.

A. Enterprise RPO

Sourcing, engaging, interviewing, hiring, branding, onboarding … you name it, Enterprise RPO covers it. This full-service offering is for when you want to completely transform your talent acquisition and recruitment, partnering with us as we design and implement your customized solution. You’ll receive full accountability from us and our embedded recruitment team, who will work with you and be responsible for achieving your specific business and talent goals.

B. Hybrid RPO

Hybrid RPO is ideal when you want RPO service support for a specific location, business unit or critical position within your company. In this type of partnership, we complement your current recruitment processes with a dedicated team of recruiters. They will live and breathe your culture, mission and values while giving your Human Resources team the flexibility it needs to focus on strategic business objectives.

C. Project RPO

Project RPO is an ideal solution when you need a certain amount of hires within a very short, and very strict, timeline, and your internal team is already stretched to the limit. In this partnership, Cielo assumes responsibility over the recruitment life cycle. Cielo focuses on balancing quality and quantity to make sure your talent demands go from your biggest worry to your proudest achievement.

Our Aspretum Team, your potential RPO partner, can help centralize your hiring efforts. So whether you need full-time employees, contingent workers or a mix of both, candidates will receive a seamless experience and hiring managers will have a sustainable model that can flex and scale with hiring needs.


RPO Technology

We are trying to keep up with the latest technology and processes - artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science included.

When you have Talent#1 Team in your corner, you will get a partner that has built unmatched expertise in recruiting solutions through technology with experience, innovation and RPO solutions.

Would you like to explore how Talent#1 Team can help you to design and execute a highly customized talent acquisition and recruitment process that delivers exceptional business results? 

Simply fill out below Form or call us.



Pricing of Specialized Direct-Search with the role exclusivity.

Talent#1 Team specializes in Sales, eCommerce, Logistics recruitment, using Direct-Search methodology on all the roles and advanced technology to identify the right talents. 

We help employers across the Czech Republic to reach the best talent faster and better.

Rich hands-on experiences in those three sectors are enabling us to make the best match for our clients’ needs.

Individual Contributors

  • Direct-Search in CZ, SK, EU

  • Short List

  • Interviews

  • Full Discretion

  • 3 Month Guarantee

  • Payment in 2 parts

€2 500

Team Leaders and Managers

  • Direct-Search in CZ, SK, EU

  • Short List

  • Interviews

  • Online Assessment

  • Full Discretion

  • 3 Months Guarantee

  • Payment in 2 parts

€3 750

Directors and C-Suite 

  • Direct-Search in CZ, SK, EU, Global

  • Short List

  • Interviews

  • Online Assessment

  • Full Discretion

  • 3 Months Guarantee

  • Payment in 3 parts

€6 500

Excluding Travel Expenses

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