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Seven pillars for 2021 Staffing and Recruitment success.

Traditional Recruitment Got Broken.

Companies are more and more avoiding to waste budgets on Staffing and Recruitment strategies that do not work and became highly inefficient in today’s digitalized world.

Due to the accomplished tasks and strong results in difficult 2020, with mindset change in many brands and businesses, the entire HR business function is rapidly moving into a truly strategic role.

These seven elements seem to be the key pillars of Staffing and Recruitment success this year:

1. Have in place a powerful ATS, TMS, Sourcing and Marketing System that will be able to effectively serve Employees, Workers and Candidates, sufficiently covering the entire process of Sourcing-Matching-Managing-Engaging.

High CX-proven intuitive system tools for Pre-boarding, On-boarding, and Re-boarding must be available as well.

2. Your collected data from implemented HR systems must provide you attractive Visual Reports with Valuable Insights. With the power of available Data Science tools and AI, your decisions will reflect real deep-analytical data and will even provide intelligent projections for the future.

3. Own a Beautiful and Impactful Career Website connected seamlessly with your ATS and TMS (applicant tracking and talent management systems) and attach it to your company's marketing and branding activities. Present there your Employee value proposition, company culture, your company business success stories, customers, and employees testimonials.

Pick up even more juicy fruits from your own well-functioning Career Site when Google for Jobs will enter new markets during 2021.

4. Own technologically wonderfully roofed, engaging, and well-nourished Talent Pool, to which Candidates come through a barrier-free gateway of your Career Website, including perfectly optimized Application forms and Recruitment Chatbots.

5. Get relevant consultancy help from the provider of your ATS, TMS, Sourcing and Marketing system or from the experienced consultant and sit all together with your company marketing gurus in order to design your best way of transforming the whole world of the Internet into your own recruitment platform.

6. Be ready to use created innovative tools and campaigns to support the fruitful interconnection of Relevant candidate - Employer - Job source.

Job-Taster-Days established platform may get strong global traction during 2021. All well attached to the above-mentioned points 3, 4, 5.

7. Lease an open-minded Digitally-Savvy Senior Recruiter with her/his already established efficient external team of Sourcers and Coordinators. This is a great move that will take the heavyweight off your HR Director or Founder/CEO shoulders. This is an especially ideal solution for any company that is expanding fast and needs the right team to support the growth. Your leased Recruiter will digitalize and automate a lot, but still, she/he will also perform Direct Search with many headhunting techniques - that has to be used for some of the positions, regardless of the role seniority.

It may seem quite overwhelming to think about all of those above-highlighted pieces of the HR world's puzzle and how to put them all together into a greatly performing orchestra.

To support the 2021 HR pillars orchestration - during the upcoming Tuesdays of January, I will be posting here more detailed know-how for better navigation within above mentioned 7 points areas.

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