• Ladislav Hadacek

Two sides of the same coin?

Can we say that a satisfied employee and a satisfied client are two sides of the same coin?

In the last few articles, I have written about the experiential economy and the effective connection of the built customer experience with the acceleration of the company's business performance.

So is there a connection between employee satisfaction and company customer satisfaction?

Of course, yes - these are interconnected vessels and inseparably intertwined processes and experiences!

If we accept that we now live in an experiential economy - satisfied employees and workers make a vital contribution to creating satisfied customers.

This leads to higher business performance of the company, higher profits, strengthening the brand in the market and also the upgrade of the employer's brand in the labor market.

With regard to the expansion of the encapsulated virus, I am also actively involved in projects called Rescue Tourism and Rescue Sport.

Another platform is emerging…

As a promoter of the acceleration of digital evolution in HR and the promotion of HR to a fundamental and strategic role in companies of all types and sizes, I will introduce the Win-Win-Win platform in the coming days, which emphasizes interconnected containers of satisfied employees and customers.

It actively, smartly and digitally connects the Company - Customers - Employees and Candidates.

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